MESSRS Craig Wilson Ltd held their annual Christmas show and sale of prime cattle at Ayr yesterday when the champion animal in the yard was a Black Limousin bullock shown by Scott Anderson, Oldwalls Farm, Galston that was also the YFC champion. Weighing 690kg it sold for the top price of 390p per kg. Overall the seven prime bullocks forward averaged 253.3p and 32 prime heifers levelled at 242.6p.

In the rough ring 87 beef cows averaged 102.6p and 101 dairy cows levelled at 84.8p. Eight OTM cattle averaged 130.6p.

A larger show of 14 dairy cattle sold to £1,980 (twice) for Holstein Friesian heifers and averaged £1515.

The firm also had 33 beef-breeding cattle forward when the top prices and averages were as follows: Heifers with calf-at-foot to £2,050 and averaged £1,722.50 for four; cows and calves £1,180 and £906.36 for 11; in-calf cows £980 and £802.50 for eight; bulling heifers £1,160 and £988 for 10.

Wallets Marts sold 1,309 prime lambs in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £99 per head or 238p per kg to average 175.3p (+5.5p on the week).

Cast sheep were slightly sharper on the week with 93 heavy ewes averaging £55.97 and 188 light/export-type ewes levelling at £37.49.