NVT Group has posted the best results in its 30-year history.

Turnover for the Bellshill-based company, an independent information and communications technology provider, rose by nearly 60 per cent from £6.5 million in 2017 to nearly £10.3m last year.

Net profit before tax jumped by nearly 70% from £315,616 to £534,162 during the same period.

NVT says it has built its success on the back of securing key contracts to provide ICT systems at some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

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These include Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, the first European Games hosted in Baku and most recently the European Championships in Glasgow.

Hamish Fraser, managing director, said “Our initial profits were much higher. However, we had set aside significant funds to invest in people and further technology innovation.

“Our team’s outstanding efforts led to an increased uptake of two bespoke high-tech products and one niche market place.”

Products include Viia, a private cloud platform, and Concepta Security Services, which provides a defence against cyber-attacks. He added: “Another differentiator is our growing reputation for creating ICT solutions in the world of sport.”