Funeral provider Dignity has warned over a hit from a steeper-than-expected fall in the number of deaths so far in 2019.

The group - the UK's only listed funerals chain - said underlying operating profits tumbled 42 per cent to £21.7 million in the 13 weeks to March 29 after the number of deaths dropped around 12% to 159,000.

It said it is unlikely this rate of decrease will continue throughout 2019 and the number of deaths is likely to finish around 3% lower overall.

However, it cautioned that even a 3% drop would leave operating profits around £3 million to £4 million lower than expected and this result would also require a marked step up in the number of deaths over the second half of the year.

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Mike McCollum, chief executive of Dignity, said: "Whilst the number of deaths in 2019 may mean that our short-term financial performance is lower than we originally anticipated, I am confident that the changes we are making will allow us to generate sustainable growth in the medium to long-term."

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