Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 35 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 245p and an average of 219p (+8p), while 17 prime bullocks peaked at 237p and levelled at 209p (-3p). Three young bulls sold to 214p and averaged 207p (n/c).

In the rough ring 24 cast cows sold to £1302 and 149p to average 133p (-3p).

There were also 831 prime lambs that sold to £120 and 252p for Texels to level at £91 or 213p (-20p), while 107, end of season, prime hoggs sold to £104 and 176p/kg for Texels to average 156p. The 210 ewes in the cast sheep ring sold to £103 for Texel ewes and averaged £75 overall. The heavy ewes averaged £83, while light ewes sold to £63 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £65.

The firm also sold 16 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 231p and an average of 211p (+6p), while 27 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 222p and levelled at 197p (-3p). Fifty two prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 202p and averaged 173p (-5p), while 37 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 179p and levelled at 147p (+10p).

In the rough ring 146 cast dairy cows sold to 150p and averaged 99p (-2p), while 127 cast beef cows peaked at 187p and averaged 135p (+3p). Nine cast bulls sold to 146p and averaged 124p.

There were also 1104 prime lambs that sold to £126 and 305p to average 223p (-4p).

In the cast sheep ring 84 heavy ewes sold to £114 for Texels and averaged £74 (-£3), while 11 light ewes peaked at £83 for Hill Cheviots and levelled at £62 (+£6).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 672 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £117 per head and 244p/kg for Suffolks to average 216 p (-2p).

The cast sheep met a steady trade when 148 heavy ewes sold to £143 for a pair of Texels and averaged £75, while 81 light/export-type ewes peaked at £61 for Blackfaces and levelled at £51.

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 34 prime cattle and young bulls as well as 55 cast cows and bulls in Lanark yesterday. Prime heifers sold to a top of £1450 and 254p/kg, while prime bullocks peaked at £1385 and 236p.

In the rough ring cast beef cows topped at £1305 and 155p and the cast dairy cows peaked at £955 and 121p. Cast bulls sold up to £1185.

The 257 prime lambs forward sold to £121 for Texels and 267p/kg for Beltex to average 219p (+2p).

There was also another large show of cast sheep when heavy ewes sold to £140 for Texels, while light ewes peaked at £78 for Cheviots.