An outbreak of American Foulbrood (AFB) has been found in an apiary near Blairgowrie in Perthshire.

Sheila Voas, Chief Veterinary Officer Scotland, said: “The confirmation that AFB has been found in a colony of honeybees in Perthshire is disappointing and a timely reminder that beekeepers should remain vigilant for signs of the disease at all times.

“The infected hives will now be destroyed as per EU law. The movement of bees and related equipment into or out of the affected apiary is also prohibited. I would reiterate that while this is disappointing, there are no risks to public health from AFB and no implications for the quality and safety of Scottish honey.”

Market round-up

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 502 head at their sale of ewes with lambs at foot at Longtown on Tuesday. Top price was £84 per head for Texel x hoggs with singles.

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 201 store cattle and 37 breeding cattle at their fortnightly sale at Lanark on Tuesday. Bullocks were topped at £1225 for a Charolais X and 229.3p/kg for another Charolais X to average 207p. Heifers topped at £1085 for a Charolais and 219p for a Limousin to average 200p.

Breeding cattle sold to £1940 for a cow with a bull calf and £1760 for a cow with a heifer calf.

Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited had forward 535 Prime and Cast Sheep on Tuesday. The 392 prime lambs sold to average 220p/kg (-4p). Top prices were £103.50 for Suffolks and 266p for Texels. Prime hoggs were in short supply and sold to £88. Cast ewes were also in short supply and sold up to £85.50 for Texels.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 11 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of 227p/kg to average 214p, while 6 prime bullocks peaked at £1327 and 220p to level at 218p.

There were also 165 cattle sold through the rough ring. 53 cast beef cows sold to £1140 and 178p to average 122p, while 88 cast dairy cows peaked at £1020 and levelled at 101p. Seven bulls sold to £1580 and 151p to average 125p, while 17 Clean, OTM cattle peaked at £1240 or 180p to level at 140p. Two dairy cattle sold to £1720 for a Holstein Friesian heifer.

The firm also sold 476 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday. There were 373 prime lambs forward which sold to top prices of £107 for a Suffolk and 224p/kg for a Beltex to average 211p overall (+7p). In the cast sheep section 31 heavy ewes peaked at £78 for Zwartbles and averaged £69, while 23 light ewes were topped at £58 for Blackfaces and averaged £54.