GLASGOW-BASED Oceanic Media has linked up with London Stock Exchange-listed BigDish Plc, a food technology company that operates a yield management platform for restaurants, in an exclusive partnership.

Oceanic Media has hosted restaurant awards across the United Kingdom since 2007 and will host 16 national and regional awards from September 2019 to August 2020.

Oceanic will promote BigDish to over 3,500 restaurants that receive nominations and to the thousands of people that nominate restaurants for awards through a number of marketing channels.

BigDish will receive introductions to finalists during the period leading up to each event, and will also be the exclusive restaurant booking platform sponsor at each event.

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It said the majority of restaurants that receive nominations are independent.

BigDish says that this further supports the company’s current strategy of initially targeting independent restaurants before looking to chain restaurants.

Oceanic Media is run by former Sunday Post and Daily Star journalist Colin Grant and businessman Irfan Younis.

They have been partners for over five years and their clients include German Doner Kebab, Skwishee and Mayfair-based real estate agency CPIC, while also having worked with Celtic FC, PG Paper and Fatburger in London and Dundee.

Mr Grant said: “We’re very excited to partner BigDish on these 16 events.

“Our role will be to manage the media and marketing aspects of this relationship and assist BigDish to successfully engage with its target audience.”

Events range from the Scottish Curry Awards and Food Awards Scotland to the Welsh Pub Awards and English Asian Food Awards.

Sanj Naha, chief executive of BigDish, said the platform is going through a transitional phase, adding: “The partnership with Oceanic Media will support our national rollout with the introduction of thousands of great restaurants across the country to BigDish.

“This will raise the profile of BigDish across the restaurant industry throughout the UK, which will in turn assist new incoming territory managers.

“I fully expect that this partnership will significantly increase the pace of restaurant adoption from September onwards across the UK.” BigDish shares were up 3%, or 0.15p, to 5.05p.