STERLING found support again yesterday from a slew of news about cross-party moves to prevent Boris Johnson’s Government delivering a no-deal Brexit.

The pound – which was pushed down to around $1.2013 in the early hours of Monday on no-deal Brexit fears but has since staged a partial recovery as political opposition to Mr Johnson’s plan has intensified – rose to a high of around $1.2175 yesterday afternoon. Sterling had closed at $1.2110 in London on Thursday, having risen during that session.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford spoke by phone yesterday morning about how opposition parties might join forces to prevent the UK leaving the European Union without a deal. Mr Johnson has pledged to take the UK out of the EU by October 31 “no matter what”.

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An SNP spokesman said: “This morning, Ian Blackford held a constructive conversation with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss ways in which opposition parties can work together in removing the growing threat of a disastrous no-deal Brexit.”

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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has said former Conservative chancellor Kenneth Clarke and former deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman would both be prepared to lead an emergency government to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

The pound also regained further ground yesterday against the euro, which had climbed to around 93.24p early on Monday, its best level against the pound since October 2009 with the exception of a sterling “flash crash” in autumn 2016.

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The euro was yesterday afternoon trading around 91.4p, having dipped below 91p during the session. It was around 91.7p at 5pm on Thursday.