HARRISON & Hetherington Ltd sold 38 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 239p and an average of 205p (-5p), while 18 prime bullocks peaked at 229p and levelled at 204p (+11p).

In the rough ring 29 cast cows sold to £1,626 and 185p to average 132p (+3p).

There were also 1,273 prime lambs that sold to £109 and 222p to average 186p (+5p).

The 768 cast sheep forward averaged £60 overall (-£8) and sold to £111 for heavy Texels. Light ewes sold to £99 for Cheviots and averaged £46.

The firm also sold 34 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 266p and an average of 198p (+1p), while 22 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 234p and levelled at 201p (+11p). Eighty-seven prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 214p and averaged 183p (n/c), while 40 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 160p and levelled at 129p (-11p).

In the rough ring 194 cast dairy cows sold to 148p and averaged 93p (-2p), while 127 cast beef cows peaked at 174p and levelled at 112p.

There were also 2,621 prime lambs that sold to £114 and 292p to average 182p (-6p).

In the cast sheep section 174 heavy ewes sold to £99 for Dutch Texels and averaged £70 (+£10), while 138 Hill ewes peaked at £70 for Greyfaced ewes and levelled at £51 (n/a).

C&D Auction Marts had 160 head forward at their fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries yesterday. Bullocks sold to £1,040 for Limousins, while heifers peaked at £,1005 for Limousins.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2004 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £90 for heavy Texels and also for heavy Suffolks, while top price per kilo was 205p/kg for Beltex. The overall average price was 173p (+4p) and the average weight was 44.1 Kilos (+0.1kg on the week).

In the cast sheep section heavy ewes sold to £120 for Texels, while light/export-type ewes peaked at £57 for Blackfaces.

Lawrie & Symington sold 47 prime bullocks and heifers in Lanark yesterday to a top of £1,431 and 236p for a Limousin heifer. Prime bullocks peaked at £1,323 and 213p, while five prime bulls sold to £1,300 and 194p.

In the rough ring 131cast cows and bulls sold to £1,305 and 157p for a cast beef cow. Cast dairy cows were topped at £975 and 119p, while cast bulls sold to £1,290.

There were also 2691 prime lambs which sold to £100 and 220p to average 177p (+12p).

In the cast sheep ring 1119 cast ewes and rams sold to a top of £157 for cast Texel ewes, while light ewes peaked at £68 for Blackfaces.