SHARES in Alva biotech business Omega Diagnostics closed 3.5 per cent up at 11.9p yesterday after the company confirmed that one of its HIV-related testing kits has been added to a global procurement list.

The company’s Visitect CD4 Advanced Disease kit detects when CD4 cell counts in HIV patients have fallen to such a level that they should be taken off antiretroviral drugs until such time as their immune system is strong enough to resume treatment.

The kit has just been added to HIV and Aids organisation The Global Fund’s procurement list, meaning the organisations and programmes that receive finance from the fund will be able to access it.

Omega Diagnostics chief executive Colin King said the business was “delighted” with the news, adding that the company is “looking forward to providing a unique test to organisations which can help improve the health outcomes of many people living with HIV”.

The announcement comes a week after the business, which specialises in tests for allergies, food intolerances and infectious diseases, noted that it had received a £400,000 order from a Chinese client for one of its food intolerance tests. That order came after the same client made a £260,000 order last month.

The Visitect CD4 Advanced Disease kit is one of two the business makes with a specific focus on HIV, with its related Visitect CD4 350 cut-off test indicating when CD4 cell counts in HIV patients have fallen low enough for antiretroviral drugs to be become necessary.

The business is hoping to sell the HIV products in developing markets, with Mr King saying in March he expects that part of the business to turn over £20 million within five years.