C&D AUCTIONS had forward 1,321 store lambs and feeding ewes at Dumfries on Friday.

The sale of store lambs peaked at £69 for both Texels and Suffolks. Beltex sold to £62; Cheviots to £55; Greyfaces to £53 and Blackfaces to £47.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 173 accredited rams at their sale at Ayr on Saturday.

Top price for shearling rams was a £1,000 for a Texel. Other leading prices were £650 for Beltex; £620 for a Beltex cross and £420 x 2 for Suffolks. Ram lambs sold to £600 for a Texel. The firm also had 115 non-accredited rams forward which were topped by a Bluefaced Leicester shearling ram at £850.

The firm also sold 2,863 sheep comprising 781 cast sheep and 2,082 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday. Prime lambs sold to £85 for a Texel and 193p for a pair of Beltex.The whole sale averaged 152p (-8p). Cast sheep sold to £128 for a pen of three Texel ewes, while Mule ewes sold to £60 and Blackfaces peaked at £47.50.

Harrison & Hetherington sold 65 clean cattle, 38 cast cows, 1,563 lambs and 915 cast ewes at St Boswells yesterday.

Forty-nine prime heifers peaked at 248p/kg and averaged 208p (+14p), while 12 prime bullocks sold to 220p and levelled at 190p (-8p). Four young bulls were topped at 152p and averaged 136p (n/c).

In the rough ring 38 cast cows sold to £1246 and 155p (x2) to average 125p (+6p), while 3 cast bulls made up to £1344 and 100p/kg.

The prime lambs forward sold to £100 and 217p for Beltex to average 162p (-4p).

In the cast sheep section the overall average was £52 (-£8). Heavy ewes averaged £68, while light ewes peaked at £68 for Cheviots and levelled at £40.

The firm also sold 21 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 230p and an average of 199p (+0.5p), while 15 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 217p and levelled at 195p (+5p). One prime, dairy bred bullock made 145p/kg. Seventy-two prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 217p and averaged 174p (-2p), while 46 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 175p and levelled at 138p (+7p).

In the rough ring 220 cast dairy cows sold to 131p and averaged 93p (-5p), while 128 cast beef cows peaked at 169p and averaged 116p (-9p). Fourteen cast bulls made up to 144p and averaged 118p (-8p).

There were also 2,610 prime lambs that sold to £100 and 241p/kg to average 164p (-7p).

In the cast sheep ring 540 heavy ewes sold to £108.50 for Texels and averaged £62 (n/c), while 71 light ewes peaked at £65.50 for Hill Cheviots and levelled at £44.93 (+£7.64).