WE continue to operate in an era of almost unprecedented uncertainty, which is undoubtedly having a negative impact on the growth of our economy. I could write for pages on this topic alone but as we continue to watch the chaotic scenes play out in Westminster and wait for the clarity businesses are calling out for on critical operational issues, among the many potential risks facing us at the moment is that in the political maelstrom we find ourselves in we might forget to take a moment and appreciate when good things happen.

Last Thursday, we held our 16th annual Northern Star Business Awards, a celebration of those businesses who are making exceptional accomplishments across a range of fields from the energy transition to people development, customer service and environmental action.

It was a chance to take stock of what’s actually happening in local businesses. More than 600 people from across the Aberdeen city region gathered at the North-east’s new £333m world class events complex to applaud organisations who are doing great work, making a difference and pushing ahead, regardless of what is going on all around us.

It was a refreshing reminder that while many politicians might be finding it hard to get their act together and agree on positive action, the business community is still actively investing in the workforce, growing a global presence, developing new products and services; and adopting ways of working that reduce their impact on the environment.

The role of the chamber is to help businesses to be better today while creating the economic conditions that will ensure the future success and prosperity of the region we all love. At the very heart of this success are people and the awards show the great strength that we have, when we work together.

At a time when Brexit-fatigue might make you feel it’s all doom and gloom, it is important that we continue to draw inspiration from those businesses doing good things in order to redouble our efforts to create the economic conditions that will ensure the long-term success of our regions.

Russell Borthwick is chief executive, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.