BT’S OPENREACH arm has announced locations including Aberdeen, Ayr and Stanecastle, North Ayrshire, where it will be building new “future-proof” fibre technology.

Among 29 across the UK, the new Scottish locations are in addition to deployment of full fibre already under way in Edinburgh, Greater Glasgow, West Lothian and Kilmarnock.

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Andrew Hepburn, of Openreach, said the firm will be “bringing future-proof broadband infrastructure to thousands of homes and businesses in Aberdeen and Ayrshire” and “engineers are about to begin detailed surveys and we plan to start building in these areas next summer”.

Clive Selley, chief executive of Openreach, said: "Full fibre broadband provides a reliable, future-proof, consistent and dependable service that will be a platform for economic growth and prosperity throughout the UK for decades to come.

"We’re now building at a massive scale. Every 28 seconds we pass a home or business with our new future-proofed full fibre network. This has given us ever greater confidence in the level and accuracy of whatever we announce – which is why we’ve now laid out our build plans right up to the target delivery date of four million premises by March 2021"