LAWRIE & Symington sold 24 beef bred, prime cattle at Lanark on Monday.

Heifers were topped at £1,440 and 250p/Kg for a Limousin, while prime bullocks peaked at £1,313 and 206p.

The overall average of the beef bred prime cattle was 225p/kg. Seventeen dairy bred, prime cattle averaged 174p, while five young bulls sold to £1,270 and 178p.

In the rough ring 90 cast beef cows sold to £1,230 and 136p to average 112p, while 40 cast dairy cows peaked at £935 and 105p to level at 87p. Four cast bulls sold to £1,250 and 105p/kg.

The 2,673 prime lambs forward sold up to £96 for Beltex and to 209p for other Beltex lambs to average 154.5p (n/c).

There were also 1,969 cast sheep forward which sold to a top of £167 for Texels, while light ewes peaked at £54 for Blackfaces.

The firm also held their opening show and sale of autumn born suckled calves on Tuesday with a catalogue entry of 1386 forward.

The championship went to a Limousin heifer which scaled at 490kg and sold to £1,300. The reserve went to a Limousin bullock weighing 426kg and selling at £1,050.

Bullocks topped at £1,130 for a Limousin or to 246p/kg for the reserve champion, to average 198p/kg. Heifers sold to a top of £1,300 for the champion calf, and to 265p/kg for the same animal, to level at 190p/kg.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 18 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of £1,311 and 230p for a red Limousin to average 196p, while a single bullock sold for 213p/kg.

There were also 194 head forward in the rough ring. Cast beef cows sold to £1,150 and 146p, while cast dairy cows peaked at £1,000. Cast bulls sold to £1,380 for a Charolais.

There were also 170 breeding cattle at their sale on Tuesday. Bulls sold to £3600gns for a Simmental and to 3300gns for a Limousin. Other breeds sold to 1400gns for an Aberdeen Angus and 1050gns for a Saler.

Heifers with calves peaked at £2,600 for a Limousin with a bull calf, while cows with calves were topped at £1,300 for a Limousin with a heifer calf. In-calf cows made up to £1,800 for a Simmental; in-calf heifers peaked at £1,150 and bulling heifers topped at £960 for Limousins.

The firm also sold 1718 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday, while 1245 Lambs sold to average 163.2p k/g or £73.03. Top price per head of £87 was achieved for a pen of Texels, while Beltex were top per kilo selling to 184.5p.

Cast sheep peaked at £134 for Texel ewes; Mules sold to £61.50 and Blackfaces made up to £41.50.