Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 2304 cattle at Newton Stewart at their annual calf sales on Friday and Saturday. The better weather conditions this past Spring and Summer was shown in the Spring and Autumn calves this year with the cattle weighing heavier.

The 2304 head averaged £791.51 which was up £32.91 on 2018 but they were down 12.2p per kilo on the year.

Heifers peaked at £1280 and bullocks peaked at £1140 for Limousin crosses.

Spring born bullock calves sold to 280p for Limousin crosses and Spring born heifer calves sold to 405p for a pen of 10 Saler crosses.

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 714 store cattle at the Annual Kirkcambeck sale on Saturday. As reported at other centres cattle were in good bloom and averages increased by over £60 on the year at this sale.

Topping the sale were Angus bullocks at £1,030, closely followed by Blue-Grey bullocks making £1,010.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 1889 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £82 for Beltex and for Texels. Top price per kilo was 195p for Texels and the overall average was 158p/kg (-4p).

There were also 677 cast sheep forward which were topped at £162 for Texels, while Mules sold to £76 and Blackfaces peaked at £50.

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 25 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 236p and an average of 207p (+6p), while 11 prime bullocks peaked at 228p and levelled at 200p (-7p).

In the rough ring 41 cast cows sold to 151p and £1180 to average 118p (+3p).

There were also 1965 prime hoggs that sold to £100 and to 221p for Beltex lambs to average 162.5p (-7.5p).

The798 cast sheep sold to £119 for Texels with the heavy ewes averaging £73, while light ewes peaked at £76 for Cheviots and levelled at £39.

The firm also sold 43 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 217p/kg and an average of 188p (-10p), while 24 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 210p and levelled at 184p (+7p). Fifty-one prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 206p and averaged 174p (+5p), while 32 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 165p and levelled at 135p (+7p).

In the Rough Ring 222 cast dairy cows sold to 145p to average 77p, while 109 cast beef cows peaked at 180p and levelled at 107p. Eleven cast bulls sold to 136p and averaged 102p (-3p).

There were also 2457 prime lambs that sold to £116 and 265p to average 170p (-5p).

In the cast sheep ring 199 heavy ewes sold to £120 for Texels and averaged £61 (-£2), while 129 light ewes peaked at £58 for Hill Cheviots and levelled at £34 (+£5).