SCOTTISH economic output fell by slightly less in the second quarter than thought previously, revised official figures show.

The Scottish Government said yesterday that gross domestic product north of the Border had fallen by 0.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter in the three months to June, having estimated this drop at 0.3% in September.

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Scottish Economy Secretary Derek Mackay highlighted the Brexit drag on output.

He said: ““We have been clear that any form of Brexit will damage our economy and the ongoing risk of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit has clearly impacted our economy...

“There is likely to be continued volatility as a result of the ongoing uncertainty relating to the timing and nature of Brexit and the response of companies and households to that.”

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Mr Mackay added: “Scotland did not vote for Brexit, but our economy is already paying the price for it. We will continue to stand firm against efforts to take us out of the EU against our will.”

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The fall in Scottish economic output in the second quarter now matches the 0.2% drop in GDP in the UK as a whole in the three months to June.

The revision to the second-quarter Scottish data arose from a stronger performance by the services sector than thought previously.

Construction sector output north of the Border fell 2.4% in the second quarter. Production sector output declined by 1.5%.
Scottish GDP grew by 0.5% in the opening three months of this year.