THE House of Bruar has announced record turnover and a rise in profit in its annual results for last year against a backdrop of Brexit, unusual weather and difficult conditions in retail.

The retailer said that despite a year of warm weather following the Beast from the East last year, political uncertainty this year and “the general demise of retail operations” its turnover has increased from £29 million to £30.5m. It said profit after tax rose from £3.6m to £4.6m.

It said while direct shopping is growing more rapidly than the growth see by purchases in the Perthshire store, during the year to January more than two million people visited the shop.

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The company, which employs 325, was founded by Mark and Linda Birkbeck who “continue to believe in the desire for customers to enjoy their shopping experiences”.

It said “the main selling point of the website and catalogues is the physical asset that gives the whole company and its products the authenticity”.

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The company added: “The current trading climate is yet again turbulent, but the company estimates that turnover will grow by a further 10%.

“This is largely due to the policy of continually re-investing profits and the expansion of the multi-channel operations. In 2021, the House of Bruar will celebrate 25 years. When the doors opened in 1995 many people were public with their opinions that it would be a complete failure.”