SUBSEA scanning specialist Viewport3 has won contracts worth £100,000 in total for decommissioning work, which is expected to provide a boon for the oil services sector.

The Aberdeen-based company will provide firms engaged in decommissioning work with digital images of subsea facilities they will expect to use to help ensure work is planned effectively.

Pressure grows on Shell over North Sea decommissioning plans

“Small misconceptions surrounding the condition of underwater hardware can cost the industry millions of pounds, not least through significant delays and interruptions,” said Viewport3 co-founder Richard Drennan.

“By investing in reliable scan data, we can ensure the retrieval of subsea equipment is completed successfully.”

The two awards are the first Viewport3 has won for work on decommissioning projects.

North Sea decommissioning cost estimate cut by billions amid efficiency drive

The Oil and Gas Authority expects the bill for decommissioning North Sea facilities to total around £50 billion.

The regulator is working with industry players in a bid to reduce the total cost of the clean up exercise by 35 per cent, compared with the £60bn baseline estimate made in 2017.