Wallets Marts Castle Douglas staged its annual two-day premier show and sale of Salers Cattle on behalf of the Salers Cattle Society on Friday and Saturday.

At the pedigree show on Friday the judge Mr David Wilson, Kirkmabreck found his overall champion in Lot 12 a senior bull from G & M Pye, Rednock Farms. This May 2017 bull went on to sell for 4000gns.

However, the bull trade was topped at 6,000gns for Bacardi Nashville an April 2018 bull shown by R & A Crockett. This was followed at 5,200gns for Drumaglea My Favourite from P Boyd, Tiree. Harestone Magnum from N Barclay made 5000gns. Pedigree females topped at 2,800gns for an in-calf heifer from Colin McClymont, Cuil, Newton Stewart.

Harrison & Hetherington sold 87 clean cattle, 102 cast cows, 1817 prime lambs and 751 ewes at St Boswells yesterday.

The 61 prime heifers forward peaked at 250p/kg and averaged 209p (+10p), while 25 prime bullocks sold to 230p and levelled at 185p (n/c). One young bull sold to 192p (n/c).

In the rough ring the 102 cast cows sold to £1,364 and 169p to average 121p (+18p).

The 1,817 prime lambs sold to £107 and 222.5p for Beltex lambs to average 177p (+14p).

In the cast sheep ring the overall average for 751 head was £54.91. Heavy ewes sold to £100 for Suffolks and averaged £80, while light ewes peaked at £63 for Cheviots and averaged £45.

The firm also sold 44 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 230p and an average of 190p (-17p), while 26 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 215p and levelled at 174p (-9p). Sixty-three prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 220p and averaged 174p (n/c), while 45 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 172p and levelled at 133p (-12p).

In the rough ring 193 cast dairy cows sold to 142p and averaged 84p (-3p), while 111 cast beef cows peaked at 167p and averaged 115p (+3p). Five cast bulls made up to 107p and averaged 930p (-17p).

There were also 1,870 prime lambs that sold to £102 and 245p/kg to average 177p (+4p).

In the cast sheep ring 133 heavy ewes sold to £126.50 for at Texel and averaged £59.59 (-£9.82), while 35 light ewes peaked at £51.50 for Swaledales and levelled at £39.94 (+£2.22).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2530 sheep in Ayr yesterday comprising 1,812 prime lambs and 718 cast ewes. Prime lambs sold to a top of £88 for a heavy Texel and 210p for another single Texel to average 172p overall (+10p).

Cast sheep peaked at £138 for a pair of Texel ewes. Mule ewes sold to £70 while Blackface ewes sold up to £57.