HARRISON & Hetherington sold 81 clean cattle, 62 cast cows, 2,241 prime lambs and 379 cast ewes at St Boswells yesterday.

The 57 prime heifers forward peaked at 252p/kg and averaged 200p (-8p), while 22 prime bullocks sold to 228p and levelled at 198p (+17p). Two young bulls sold to £1,250.

In the rough ring 62 cast cows sold to £1,247 and 187p to average 121p (-4p).

Prime lambs sold to £106 and 227p for Beltex lambs to average 184p (-6p).

In the cast sheep ring the overall average was £70 per head. Heavy ewes sold to £130 for Texels and averaged £88, while light ewes peaked at £85 for Cheviots and averaged £51. The firm also sold 34 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 270p and an average of 205p (+16p), while 15 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 225p and levelled at 195 (+10p).

Three prime, dairy bred bullocks topped at 135p and averaged 127p. Seventy-one prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 224p and averaged 180p (-1p), while 44 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 186p and levelled at 130p (-2p).

In the rough ring 176 cast dairy cows sold to 148p and averaged 90p (+5p), while 121 cast beef cows peaked at 180p and averaged 117p (+2p). Nine cast bulls made up to 178p and averaged 110p (-4p).

There were also 3321 prime lambs that sold to £120 and 265p/kg to average 183p (-2p).

In the cast sheep ring 146 heavy ewes sold to £122 for Texels and averaged £69.21 (-£5), while 92 light ewes peaked at £58.50 for Shetlands and levelled at £34 (-£8).

Caledonian Marts sold 935 store lambs, ewes and tups at their weekly sale at Stirling yesterday. Top price of the day went to a pen of Texel cross Lambs at £78. Other leading prices were Beltex at £77.50 and Suffolks to £75. Feeding Ewes sold to a top of £76 for a pair of Texel crosses.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2,804 sheep in Ayr yesterday comprising 2,350 prime lambs and 453 cast sheep. Prime lambs sold to a top of £100 for a single Beltex and 218p/kg for a pen of Beltex lambs. Mules peaked at £81 and Blackfaces topped at £80. The overall average was 184p (+3p).

Cast sheep peaked at £164 for a pen of Texels, while cross ewes sold to £69 and Blackfaces made up to £55.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 205 store Cattle at Newton Stewart on Friday. Its November sale peaked at £1,160 for a British Blue heifer and 229p/kg for a pair of Limousin crosses.

Steers sold to £1,105 for a pair of Limousins and to 254p for a pen of Limousin crosses.