A FORFAR firm has been engaged to manage a design-and-build project for a whisky distillery in Inner Mongolia.

Unveiling the six-figure project management contract, the owner of Valentine International noted that the first phase of the distillery would be built next year in Ordos, “a modern, vibrant city of over two million people”.

David Valentine noted the distillery project was the “brainchild” of Ao FengTing, chairman of MengTai. The core businesses of MengTai are coal production, electricity generation, aluminium fabrication and distribution of urban heating systems.

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Mr Valentine, declaring Mr FengTing wanted to create “China’s best and globally award-winning whisky”, estimated the initial phase of distillery production equipment would bring Scotland export orders worth around £2.5 million. Mr Valentine also flagged the need for bulk whiskies. MengTai will provide all of the buildings and ancillary accommodation for the Ordos distillery, costing several million pounds.

Mr Valentine said: “The production equipment will be manufactured here in Scotland and shipped to Inner Mongolia for assembly by Scottish engineers.”

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He added: “The project will deliver a multi-million-pound export bonus for at least two Scottish companies still to be contracted for the design and build of the distillery production equipment and for the supply of bulk whiskies.”

The agreement was reached after Mr Valentine attended the 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Convention in London last month with Scottish Chambers of Commerce president Tim Allan and chief executive Liz Cameron.

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Mr FengTing said: “Scotland is the home of whisky and has the greatest expertise in terms of distillery equipment manufacture and know-how.’’