HARRISON & Hetherington sold 55 clean cattle, 68 cast cows, 2,221prime lambs and 634 ewes at St Boswells yesterday.

The 39 prime heifers forward peaked at 236p/kg and averaged 200p (n/c), while 14 prime bullocks sold to 229p and levelled at 186p (n/c). Two young bulls sold to 144p and averaged 139p (n/c).

In the rough ring 68 cast cows sold to £1,392 and 165p to average 120p (-1p).

Prime lambs sold to £103 and 220p for Beltex lambs to average 183p (-1p).

In the cast sheep ring the overall average was £68.24. Heavy ewes sold to £125 for Suffolks and averaged £88, while light ewes peaked at £105 for Cheviots and averaged £51.

The firm also sold 29 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 230p/kg and an average of 198p (-7p), while 13 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 224p and levelled at 195 (n/c). Fifty-seven prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 224p and averaged 172p (-8p), while 45 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 170p and levelled at 125p (-5p).

In the rough ring 228 cast dairy cows sold to 144p and averaged 90p (n/c), while 173 cast beef cows peaked at 175p and averaged 116p (-1p). Eleven cast bulls made up to 105p and averaged 88p (-23p).

There were also 2,638 prime lambs that sold to £114 and 300p/kg to average 187p (+5p).

In the cast sheep ring 161 heavy ewes sold to £114 for Texels and averaged £67 (+£2), while 19 light ewes peaked at £61.50 for Swaledales and levelled at £47 (+£13).

C & D Auction Marts held its fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries yesterday when there were 163 head forward for auction.

Luing bullocks sold to £1,020, while Limousins made up to £1015 and Charolais topped at £950. Beef Shorthorns made £945 and Simmentals were up to £935.

Heifers were a similar trade on the day with a Limousin making £1,045 and a Charolais going for £1,000. Simmentals went for £990 and Salers were not far behind at £945.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 2,236 sheep in Ayr yesterday comprising 1,819 prime lambs and 427 cast sheep.

Prime lambs held their value on last week’s improving trade with heavy lambs receiving a slight lift. Top prices per head were £95 for a single Texel and £95 for a pen of four Texels. Top price per kilo was 218p for a pen of twenty Beltex lambs. Blackface lambs peaked at £80 per head and later in the sale a pen of sixty lambs went for 187p/kg. The whole sale averaged 184p.

Cast sheep peaked at £150 for Texels, while Mule ewes sold to £72.50 and Blackfaces made up to £54.50.