SCOTLAND was unveiled as one of only two parts of the UK to avoid a contraction in private-sector economic output in December this week.

READ MORE: Output north of the Border stagnated last month on a seasonally adjusted basis, having grown slightly in November, according to Royal Bank of Scotland’s latest PMI (purchasing managers’ index) report.

Wood was judged to be ahead of oil services pack on renewables

READ MORE: Wood has won a $130 million (£100m) contract to work on the water supply and sewage systems in an Australian city amid efforts to reduce its reliance on oil and gas industry work.

How the gold rush is heading to Perthshire

READ MORE: An area which once harboured outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor is at the heart of a new gold rush

Glasgow ‘institution’ bought by pub giant

Our most read online story this week was Scott Wright's story about the popular pub in Glasgow’s Merchant City changing hands for the first time in more than three decades

SPECIAL SERIES: Scotland ‘on cusp of superfast revolution’

READ MORE: In the first of a three-part series on digital connectivity, it is revealed Scotland is on the cusp of a new era of superfast connectivity but at a critical juncture over provision.

DAY TWO: Rural communities ‘to take superfast control’

READ MORE: Rural Communities could soon take control of their connectivity through “shared spectrums” with mobile providers, with businesses and residents owning the local network.

Ian McConnell: Scottish Secretary Alister Jack should stop talking nation's economy down and face Brexit facts

Monday Interview: Distiller bids to make early mark after theatrical launch

Legal Focus: Scots lawyer famed for his ‘superlative’ judgments takes UK’s top judicial role​

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