HARRISON & Hetherington sold 45 clean cattle, 43 cast cows, 1,134 prime hoggets and 624 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Thirty-two prime heifers sold to a top of 242p/kg to average 215p (+2p), while 13 prime bullocks peaked at 227p and averaged 205p (-6p).

In the rough ring 43 cast cows sold to £1,217 and 177p to average 126p (n/c).

Prime hoggets sold to £132 and 302p for Texels to average 226p (+9p).

In the cast sheep ring the average was £73.28 for all sheep. Heavy ewes sold to £140 for Texels and averaged £99, while light ewes peaked at £89 for Cheviots and averaged £68.

The firm also sold 35 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 232p/kg to average 201p (+7p), while 22 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 217p and levelled at 193p (-3p). Three prime, dairy-bred bullocks sold to 160p to average 148p (-7p).

There were also 119 young bulls in total at the sale yesterday which averaged 155p overall (-10p).

The 59 prime, beef-bred young bulls sold to 224p and averaged 170p (-15p), while 60 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 174p and levelled at 140p (n/c).

In the rough ring 213 cast dairy cows sold to 150p and averaged 105p (+4p), while 95 cast beef cows peaked at 222p and averaged 133p (+4p). Seven cast bulls made up to 149p and averaged 117p (-3p).

There were also 1,448 prime hoggets that sold to £126 and 320p/kg to average 226p (+4p).

In the cast sheep ring 122 heavy ewes sold to £136.50 for a Texel and averaged £92 (n/c), while 42 light ewes peaked at £96.50 for a Cheviot and levelled at £65(n/c).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2,096 prime and cast sheep at their Sale in Ayr yesterday.

The 1464 prime hoggets met the dearest trade at Ayr this year averaging 226 p/kg. Topping the sale were Texels at £128 and Beltex at 257.5 pence per kilo. The 405 Blackface hoggets averaged 220 pence per kilo (£94.00), selling to a top of £116 and 232p/kg for the same pen.

Cast ewes peaked at £137 for Texels, while Cheviots topped the lighter/export ewes at £89 with Blackfaces not far behind at £83.

Lawrie & Symington sold 42 bullocks and heifers; six young bulls, 88 cast cows and bulls at Lanark yesterday. Prime heifers sold to 254p and £1,495 for a Limousin and bullocks sold to 210p and £1475.

Cast beef cows sold to £1,125 or 149p/kg, while Friesian cows sold to £985 and cast bulls peaked at £1235.

There were also 1,942 hoggets and 1,598 cast ewes through Lanark yesterday. The sale was topped at £134 and 307p to average 235p (+23p).