Messrs Craig Wilson sold 129 prime and cast cattle at its sale at Ayr on Tuesday.

Prime Cattle met a similar trade to last week with 11 heifers averaging 216p/kg or £1,214, while bullocks sold to 221p and £1,315. Top price of the day was 228p for a Limousin heifer or £1.343 for another Limousin heifer.

In the rough ring 28 beef cows sold to £1,120 for a British Blue or 169p for a Limousin to average 127p, while 73 dairy cows sold to £1,000 and 127p for the same Friesian to average 98p.

Seven clean cattle peaked at £1,200 for a Galloway bullock and 188p for another Galloway bullock from the same home to average 157p overall.

Seven cast bulls were topped at £1,700 and 192p for a Limousin to average 130p.

Five dairy cattle sold to a top of £1,750 for a second-calved Friesian cow to average £1440 overall.

A small show of 37 beef breeding cattle were on offer which peaked at 1750gns for an Aberdeen Angus bull. Heifers with calf at foot sold to £1,620 for an Aberdeen Angus and bull calf, while bulling heifers sold to £1,200 for Limousins.

Caledonian Marts sold 1,655 prime hoggets at Stirling on Tuesday.

The 1,357 hoggets levelled at 231p/kg which was up 9p on the week and up 50p on the year. Top prices were 317p/kg for a pen of 41kg Beltex and £132 for a pen of Beltex weighing 49kg.

The 285 cast sheep were topped at £140 for a pen of three Texel ewes with the heavy ewes averaging £104. Export ewes peaked at £84 and levelled at £73.

Lawrie & Symington sold 654 Store Cattle at its fortnightly sale at Lanark on Tuesday.

The 338 bullocks peaked at 256p/kg for a pen of 340kg Limousins and at £1,380 for a pen weighing 694kg to average 213p.

The 271 heifers topped at 258p for a pen of 237kg Aberdeen Angus and at £1,215 for a pen of 578kg Limousins to average 209p.

The 44 dairy bullocks sold to 174p for a pen of 518kg Friesians and to £950 for a pen of 613kg Holsteins to average 162p.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,155 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday.

The 919 prime hoggets sold to a top of 252p/kg for a single Texel and to £121 for a pen of heavyweight Texels to average 223p overall. The show of 442 Blackface hoggs sold to average 225p or £96, selling to a top of £104.50 for a pen of 31 or to 234p/kg for a pen of 30. Ewes would be a slight rise as well selling to £162 for a Texel.