MACREBUR, the Scottish road surface company, is launching a plastic pothole repair product including an element of otherwise non-recyclable polymer.

It said its product has been hailed as a solution to the country’s pothole problem which also helps tackle the planet’s plastic waste issues.

The firm said it is engineered to provide a quick-set solution and has benefits for customers seeking to tackle potholes.

The product, called Plastikfix, does not need to be heated and can be used straight from the bag.

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Sarah Lakin, senior UK manager for MacRebur, said: “Plastikfix answers the call across the country to end the problem of our potholed roads.

“What’s great about it is that as well as fixing this nationwide problem, it is also finding a new use for plastic waste that cannot otherwise be recycled.”

It said it will be available to both trade and the general public through UK distributor, Wolseley.

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Lockerbie-headquartered MacRebur was recently named winner of the Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award at the European Business Awards.

The company was launched in 2016 and roads using its technology have been built across in the world.

The “pothole fix in a bag” product weighs 20kg and contains 18 carrier bags in equivalent weight of non-recyclable waste plastic polymers which would otherwise have gone to landfill or incineration.

MacRebur roads look like conventional asphalt but as they contain plastic, they are more flexible, the firm said, which means they can cope better with contraction and expansion caused by changes in the weather, reducing cracks and potholes.

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The new pothole fix product “therefore complements MacRebur’s asphalt products by offering an environmentally-friendly repair which also contains waste plastic”.

MacRebur currently has 12 full time employees, and works with a number of consultants and strategic partners across the globe.

The firm said in terms of growth ambitions its “goal is to use local waste plastic in local roads across the globe”, adding: “In order to achieve this they are installing factories across the world with the help of like-minded individuals and companies.”

It has just installed its first factory in San Diego “and has more on order”.