Sales of salmon overseas reached a record high last year, with Scottish firms exporting £618 million worth of the fish to countries across the globe.

The value of salmon sales abroad in 2019 rose by 22%, according to figures from the UK Government.

At the same time, the overall amount of fish exported grew by 26% to more than 94,000 tonnes.

Julie Hesketh-Laird, chief executive at Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO), said the figures showed “just what an extraordinary success Scottish salmon is”.

More than half of salmon sold overseas went to Europe, with the EU responsible for 52% of all sales terms of value, buying £221m worth of fish.

The figures were released the day after the SSPO raised concerns about the impact that Brexit would have on the sector.
Outside of Europe, the US was the second largest market for Scottish salmon, with sales there amounting to £179 million, a rise of 28%.

Energy supplier Outfox The Market has been ordered to pay more than £600,000 to an Ofgem-run scheme by Wednesday, or face having its licence ripped up by the regulator.

The business had warned Ofgem that it will not be able to make the payment due on February 12.

Outfox The Market consistently rates among the worst suppliers in Citizens Advice’s rankings of energy companies by customer service. Many companies at the bottom of the list have failed to keep trading.