By Karen Peattie

MANUFACTURING company Angus 3D Solutions has spun out its traditional machining and manufacturing service as a separate company to meet demand.

Angus Machining Solutions, founded by industry veteran Andy Simpson, is working with a range of companies to outsource machining and manufacturing processes on an ad-hoc or project-managed basis.

The firm, based in Brechin, Angus, is targeting revenue of £500,000 this year.

Mr Simpson, who founded Angus Machining Solutions with his wife, Jacqueline, said the move would “enable us to better meet the demand” for outsourcing services previously offered through Angus 3D Solutions.

“This will also allow each of our companies to focus on their core services and markets, and grow at rates appropriate to them,” he said.

The business was established after Mr Simpson noticed that an increasing number of start-ups and SMEs did not have the resources or experience to manage their machining/manufacturing process internally.

Larger firms, he added, benefit through not having to devote resources on short-term projects or demand.

The company has secured several new clients from the oil and gas, renewable industries and lifestyle sectors. It is also working with firms in the industrial equipment, automation, construction, scientific and general manufacturing sectors.

One project involves machining £400,000 of high-value components for a Canadian oil and gas supply company.

Angus 3D Solutions, set up in 2017, benefited from a £175,000 grant from Zero Waste Scotland to help bring up to £1 billion of benefits to the economy in northeast Scotland through its Markforged Metal-X, the most advanced metal 3D printer at that time.

In January, it received a £39,000 Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant from Scottish Enterprise to help drive its three-year growth plan.