Butchers rally: A big round of applause to butchers across Scotland who are going the extra mile to help their local communities as coronavirus forces people to change their daily habits.

In efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19, members of Scottish Craft Butchers and Quality Meat Scotland’s Scotch Butchers Club are providing customers with deliveries of locally-sourced Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and specially selected pork.

As well as offering door-to-door drop offs, many butchers are offering free deliveries to elderly people and those in retirement homes who are unable to leave their homes.

Customers still choosing to visit stores will find hand sanitiser dispensers along with contactless payment options to limit contact.

Scotch Butchers Club chairman Jock Gibson, owner of Macbeth’s in Forres, said: “Butchers are at the heart of Scotland’s communities and are totally committed to helping vulnerable members of the public during what is undoubtedly a worrying time.”

Subliminal message: It promises to answer the burning question of our times. An intriguing piece of research has shed light on why many of us have been unable to buy toilet roll during the coronavirus crisis.

The University of Edinburgh Business School and the University of Southampton have found that photographs of empty supermarket shelves in news stories about panic buying instigate people to follow the buying frenzy.

The study found that those exposed to images of empty shelves were more likely to panic buy. Now you know.

Moredun milestone: World-leading research organisation the Moredun Foundation is celebrating its centenary.

Based just outside Edinburgh, the Moredun promotes the “highest standard of animal health and welfare through research and education”.

Set up by farmers, for famers, it has helped develop many of the vaccines, diagnostic tests, and disease prevention and control strategies used on farms today.