WINE TIME The ability of people in business to maintain a sense of humour throughout the current coronavirus crisis has been good for morale.

Out and about on Sunday, before near-lockdown conditions were imposed the following day, we stumbled upon a funny message in the window of Marchtown, specialist wine and beer store in Strathbungo, Glasgow.

“Wine is the new loo roll,” it read.

We will certainly drink to that.

FLOWER POWER Grocery firms such as Aldi seem destined to emerge from the pandemic with plenty of goodwill in the bank.

Checking out at The Bottom Line’s local branch yesterday, the assistant invited your humble correspondent

to take home a free

bunch of flowers

from a generous display by the window. Every little helps, as another grocer says.

HELPING HAND With hand sanitiser like gold dust, distillers and brewers across the country have stepped up to help fill the void.

Isle of Harris Distillery is the latest to become involved, with the gin maker offering to provide high-strength alcohol to local businesses to use as a key ingredient in making the product.

All power to their elbow, we say.