NEATEBOX, the Scottish technology firm which specialises in improving accessibility for people with disabilities, has been accepted into an accelerator programme run by Royal Bank of Scotland.

Founder and chief executive Gavin Neate’s acceptance into the Entrepreneur Accelerator programme is the latest step in a longstanding partnership with the bank, which has supported his work through trial and implementation of Neatebox technology in branches across Scotland.

The Edinburgh-based firm, which was founded in 2011, specialises in assistive technology which improves accessiblity for disabled visitors to businesses across a variety of sectors.

The free-to-use Welcome app, described as a world-first which is now installed in 15 branches, covers a variety of visible and “hidden” disabilities.

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The app helps users plan their visit to the branch, and alerts staff when they are nearby, helping provide insight and advice on how best to help the customer and enhance their experience.

RBS also installed Button - said to be the world’s first smartphone operated pedestrian crossing for disabled people - which was developed and fitted by Neatebox in the Scottish capital.

Mr Neate said he has his sights set on scaling the business to new heights through the Accelerator Programme, which launched digitally this month.

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The programme offers training and networking opportunities to Neatebox staff, as well as hotdesks and meeting space in hubs throughout the UK.

Mr Neate said: “It’s been a long and fruitful partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland, who have been with us every step of the way, cheerleading innovation and putting important steps in place to enhance the customer experience for the disabled. This technology feels more important now than ever ...”

Keith Devine, of RBS, said: “Neatebox has created an important tool for any business which values its customers.

“We’ve endeavoured to support the business in a variety of ways, and trialling their technology is an important part of how we do this.

“Our partnership has been a classic example of how a bank can provide more than simply financial support, and we’re excited to watch them grow further through the accelerator.”