Harrison & Hetherington sold 83 clean cattle, 52 cast cows, 154 prime lambs, 1,099 prime hoggets and 284 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Fifty-eight prime heifers sold to a top of 237p/kg to average 212p (n/c), while 20 prime bullocks peaked at 226p to average 211p (+11p). Five young bulls sold to 212p and averaged 212p (n/c).

The cast cows in the rough ring sold to £1,360 and 191p to average 140p (+5p).

New season prime lambs peaked at £124 and 300p/kg to average 260p (n/c), while prime hoggets sold to £139 and 238p/kg for Texels to average 203p (+15p).

In the cast sheep ring the average was £79 overall which would be £1 up on the week. Heavy ewes sold to £117 for a Texel and averaged £95, while light ewes peaked at £117 for Cheviots and averaged £72.

The firm also sold 28 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 250p/kg to average 203p (-6p), while 22 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 213p and levelled at 183p (-5p).

There were also a total of 90 young bulls at the sale yesterday which averaged 157p overall (-19p).

The 47 prime, beef-bred young bulls sold to 225p and averaged 168p (-13p), while 43 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 167p and levelled at 144p (-10p).

In the rough ring 177 cast dairy cows sold to 164p and averaged 101p (n/c), while 70 cast beef cows peaked at 187p and averaged 131p (+5p). Eleven cast bulls peaked at 168p and averaged 116p (-20p).

There were also 516 prime hoggets that sold to £115 and 267p/kg to average 198p (+7p), while 337 new season prime lambs peaked at £178 and 414p to average 261p (+14p).

In the cast sheep ring 150 heavy ewes sold to £128 for a Texel and averaged £104 (+£10), while 93 light ewes peaked at £108 for a Leicester and levelled at £69 (n/c).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 157 Spring lambs, 1144 prime hoggets and 333 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

Spring lambs peaked at £125 for a single Texel and 302p/kg for a pen of five Texels to average 260p overall. There was a large show of hoggets for this time of year which were very mixed in terms of quality. Top prices were £110 for a single Beltex and 240p for a pen of Beltex. Blackfaces peaked at £99 for one pen and 227p for another. The overall average was 209p.

Cast sheep were missing the top end Beltex and Texel ewes this week and overfat types were generally harder to cash. Top prices were £160 for a Texel, while Mules peaked at £84 and Blackface made up to £75.