Rolls-Royce has announced it is to consult on making at least 9,000 workers in its civil aerospace division redundant amid the cornavirus crisis.

Worldwide it has 52,000 in total and in civil areospace the global complement is   24,000, with 15,700 of those in the UK.

It has 30 civil aersopace sites around the UK but its major sites are listed below.

About 9,000 workers are based in Derby, and Rolls-Royce’s second largest civil aerospace facility in the UK is at Inchinnan, where over 1,300 workers make compressor blades and seals.

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Its next largest facility is Solihull where the company has 1,000 workers, with further sites south of the Border at Bristol and Hucknall with 800 each and 740 at Barnoldswick, with five sites where there are between 50-500 employees.


Source: Rolls-Royce