A lorry hire firm in Dundee has secured a six-figure loan through the Government’s business interruption scheme that will see the family-run company through to its 50th anniversary, writes Kristy Dorsey.

Norman Jamieson, run by sister and brother Lynne Douglas and Stuart Jamieson, had planned to mark five decades in business with its biggest-ever investment in a new crane-fitted lorry. The company’s 20-strong fleet serves customers in the construction industry, but bookings fell flat within a week after builders were urged at the end of March to close sites in Scotland.

“A good pipeline of activity across the region was supplying us with a steady stream of business before the lockdown hit,” Ms Douglas said. “These projects haven’t gone anywhere, and we’re hopeful that we can pick up where we left off once the time is right to get back up to speed.

“But a serious cashflow problem threatened our business in the meantime, with orders dying up completely. We’re relieved that our long-standing banking partner, Bank of Scotland, could swiftly step in and provide us with the lifeline we needed.”

The funding has come from the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILs).