HARRISON & Hetherington sold 70 clean cattle, 38 cast cows, 1,030 lambs, 140 hoggs and 387 cast ewes at St Boswells yesterday.

Forty-four prime heifers sold to 243p and averaged 223p (+9p), while 24 prime bullocks peaked at 239p and levelled at 223p (+11p). Two young bulls sold for 212p to average 206p (n/c).

In the rough ring cast cows sold to a top of £1,489 and 213p to average147p (+6p).

The new season prime lambs sold to £137 and 270p to average 239p overall (-9p), while prime hoggs peaked at £121 and 208p to level at 183p (+1p).

In the cast sheep ring ewes sold to average £83 overall which would be a lift of £8 on the week. Heavy ewes sold to £141 and averaged £94, while light ewes peaked at £72.

The firm also sold 26 prime heifers in Carlisle on Monday to a top of 228p/kg and an average of 204p (-1p), while 21 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 223p and levelled at 195p (+5p). Five dairy bred prime bullock sold to 158p and averaged 152p (-11p)

There was also a total of 111 young bulls at the sale which averaged 168p (+5p). The 61 beef-bred bulls sold to 227p and averaged 183p (+5p), while 50 dairy-bred bulls peaked at 178p and levelled at 150p (+3p).

In the rough ring 165 cast dairy cows sold to 167p and averaged 116p (+1p), while 128 cast beef cows peaked at 208p to average 141p (+5p). Fourteen cast bulls sold to 164p and averaged 139p (+1p).

There were also 1,348 new season prime lambs that sold to £132 and 327p to average 251p overall (-3p), while 123 prime hoggs sold to £100 and 194p/kg to average 136p overall (-59p).

Cast sheep sold up to £116 for a Bleu Du Main with 106 heavy ewes averaging £91 (n/c), while 32 light ewes peaked at £75 for a Greyface and levelled at £65 (+£2).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 936 prime and cast sheep at Ayr yesterday. The 532 new season lambs sold to £112 and 276p/kg to average 244p (+27p on the year), while 159 prime hoggs peaked at £92 and 198p.

Cast sheep sold to £120 for a Texel ewe, while Mules peaked at £72 and Blackfaces to £58. C&D Auctions held its spring sale of beef breeding cattle in Dumfries yesterday. One hundred and eighty-three heifers with calves at foot peaked at £2350 for a Saler with Bull Calf.

The firm also sold 244 head at their fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries yesterday.

Bullocks sold £1090 and 231p/kg to average 220p, while heifers peaked at £1170 and 300p to average 214p.