Scottish biotech firm Invizius, which has developed a technology aimed at reducing long-term side effects and health complications from dialysis treatment, is seeking funding after what it describes as “promising” tests.

The Glasgow company has created a treatment which has been referred to as an “invisibility cloak” for its ability to enter the body without reaction.

Its H-Guard Priming Solution lines the inside of the dialysis filter and allows dialysis to take place completely undetected by the body’s immune system.

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This prevents the blood’s foreign body response from taking place, and so prevents a hostile inflammatory reaction.

Richard Boyd, Invizius co-founder and chief executive, said the product has “been undergoing extensive testing which has shown considerable promise”.

He said the company has completed manufacturing, and added: “In the coming year, we hope to work towards clinical trials in patients and aim to get this product to market as soon as possible.”

Last year Invizius raised £2.75 million to assist with the H-Guard system. The funding round was led by Mercia, Solvay, Downing, Old College Capital and the Scottish Investment Bank.

It is now looking to raise an additional £3-6m within the next year in order to progress to clinical trials in 2022.