HARRISON & Hetherington sold 85 clean cattle, 33 cast cows, 1,042 prime lambs, 90 prime hoggets and 456 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Forty-five prime heifers sold to a top of 242p/kg to average 217p (n/c), while 35 prime bullocks peaked at 230p to average 213p (+2p).

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1,632 and 189p to average 145p (+3p).

New season prime lambs bounced back up this week and peaked at £116 and 253p/kg for Texels to average 231p (+9p), while prime hoggets sold to £97 and 180p/kg for Cheviots to average 158p (n/c).

In the cast sheep ring the average for all cast sheep was £70. Heavy ewes sold to £120 for Texels and averaged £90, while light ewes peaked at £87 for Cheviots and averaged £64. The firm also sold 13 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to 237p/kg and to average 217p (+24p), while 16 prime, beef bred bullocks sold to 229p and levelled at 203p (+16p).

Forty-two prime, beef-bred young bulls sold to 223p and averaged 182p (+4p), while 48 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 160p and levelled at 140p (+4p).

In the rough ring 159 cast dairy cows sold to 179p and averaged 114p (+3p), while 122 cast beef cows peaked at 198p and averaged 136p (+2p). Seventeen cast bulls made up to 185p and averaged 137p (n/c).

There were also 2,137 prime lambs that sold to £127 and 308p/kg to average 233p (+7p).

In the cast sheep ring 178 heavy ewes sold to £133 for a Texel and averaged £89 (+£4), while 70 light ewes peaked at £89 for a Greyfaced and levelled at £66 (n/c).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,305 prime lambs and 251 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

Top prices were £130 for a single Texel lamb and 247p/kg for a pen of Texels. The whole sale averaged 229 pence per kilo (+5p).

All classes of cast sheep sold dearer on the week. Heavy ewes peaked at £170 for Texels, while Texel crosses sold to £121. Mule ewes sold to £80 with Blackfaces selling to £68.

Lawrie and Symington sold 32 prime cattle; 5 young bulls, 93 cast cows and bulls at Lanark yesterday.

Prime heifers sold to £1,592 and to 256p/kg on two occasions, while bullocks sold to £1380 and 245p. Young bulls peaked at £1404.

In the rough ring cast beef cows were topped at 166p and £1285, while cast dairy cows peaked at 142p and £1075.

Prime lambs were dearer on the week selling to £130 and 248p/kg for Texels to average 223p. A very large show of 1,988 cast sheep was topped at £176 for Texel ewes and to £74 Blackfaces.