By Scott Wright

SCOTTISH companies will be given insight into the potential offered by trading with the US at a dedicated webinar next month.

Maeve Gilles, Global Scot and president of jewellery firm MaeVona, and James Macsween of haggis brand Macsween of Edinburgh will be among a host of speakers at the Doing Business in the USA masterclass, to be hosted by the Scottish North American Business Council (SNABC) on July 1.

The organisation, which promotes transatlantic relationships, said the US is Scotland’s top international trading partner, with the market accounting for 17.1% of Scottish exports, worth £5.5 billion.

Ms Gilles said: “MaeVona established online selling and remote working in 2016, which has made lockdown easier to navigate. I believe this is a great time to expand or initiate business in the USA. We are all global citizens of the same community – one that is discovering this new world together after months at sea. Our empathy for others is awakened; everyone is struggling and adapting. Change is the new constant.”

Mr Macsween said: “I am delighted to be getting involved with SNABC Masterclass and if I can help any of my colleagues within Scotland export it will always benefit Scotland PLC and project us as a nation to do business with, with a wonderful array of products.

“I always try to learn from other people’s mistakes, and not my own, as it is much cheaper that way, and hopefully attending the masterclass will help others do the same.”

The masterclass, which takes place from 9.30am to 12.30pm on July 1 will also hear from Martin Murray of Dunnet Bay Distillers, Jim Rae of Docs 24, Issy Urquhart of Craneware, Robbie Beattie of SchoolCloud and Craig Lemmon of Miigen.