SCOTLAND’S Rural College (SRUC) has cemented its commitment to diversity by signing the Agrespect pledge.

Agrespect is an organisation which promotes the countryside as a “vibrant, tolerant and welcoming place for everyone irrespective of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation”.

In becoming an Agrespect partner, SRUC has committed to “stand against prejudice and support rural LGBTQ+ diversity, inclusion and enablement”.

The announcement comes as the LGBTQ+ community prepares to celebrate Global Pride 2020 on Saturday June 27.

Professor Wayne Powell, SRUC’s principal and chief Executive, said: “We are very proud to sign this Agrespect pledge, recognising the diversity among our colleagues and students.

“As an organisation, we are committed to equality and diversity and we look forward to working with Agrespect to ensure SRUC is a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.”

Matt Naylor, one of the farmers behind Agrespect, said: “We are delighted that SRUC has given such enthusiastic support to the Agrespect initiative. We aim to celebrate diversity in the countryside by sharing the stories and achievements of people who don’t fit the traditional stereotype that the media like to attach to farmers”.

Market round-up

C&D Auction Marts sold 36 cattle at their weekly primestock sale at Dumfries yesterday. Top price was paid for a Limousin cross heifer at 240p/kg.

Clean, OTM cattle peaked at £1,105 for a Holstein or at 140p/kg for a Charolais and a for a British Blue.

The 732 prime lambs peaked at £115 for heavy Texels and 264p/kg for midweight lambs to average 230p overall.

The 312 cast sheep were sharper on the week, selling to £152 for Texels, while Blackfaces peaked at £78.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 183 prime and cast cattle at its sale at Ayr on Tuesday. Prime cattle continued to sell well with 17 prime heifers selling to a top of £1,421 for a Limousin cross or 247p/kg for another Limousin cross to average £1255 or 226p (-4p). Two prime bullocks both sold for 210p/kg and averaged £1208.

Quality types were scarcer this week in the rough ring. Sixty-four cast beef cows sold to £1280 or 171p for a Simmental to average 127p (n/c), while 77 cast dairy cows peaked at £950 for a Friesian or at 125p for another Friesian to level at 106p (-3p). Eleven cast bulls sold to £1300 for an Aberdeen Angus and 172p for another Angus to average 123p, while 12 clean, OTM cattle peaked at £970 and 183p for a British Blue heifer to level at 140p overall.

Three dairy cattle sold to a top of £1900 for a fresh calved Holstein Friesian cow, while heifers peaked at £1880 which was also a Holstein Friesian.