SUPERGLASS, the Stirling-based insulation manufacturer, has called on the UK Government to fulfil its £9 billion manifesto pledge to fund household insulation amid reports the commitment could be shelved.

Theresa McLean, area director for TN International UK and Ireland, which manufactures Superglass insulation, said that well-insulated homes, schools, offices and workplaces are vital to reducing carbon emissions and to meet the UK’s net-zero target by the 2050 deadline.

She said claims Westminster could back-pedal on its pledge to invest to reduce household emissions are “deeply worrying”.

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Ms McLean said: “As well as meeting environmental targets, a study from the UK Energy Research Centre suggests that the savings that could be made with cost-effective investment in domestic energy efficiency over the coming years could represent £7.5b net benefit to the UK. Insulation is the fundamental building block of making homes more energy efficient.”

About a third of heat lost in an uninsulated or poorly insulated home escapes through the walls, she said. “Properly insulating a structure also improves the performance of other low-carbon technologies installed within it, so forfeiting insulation in favour of perhaps more glamorous technology is the wrong approach.”