A NEW "pizza pub" called the High Dive is the latest addition to the Civerinos collection in the Scottish capital.

Situated on St Leonards Street in Edinburgh it comes as the company's Civerinos Slice is still continuing to offer delivery and contactless collection following on from its Dough it Yourself kits.

Civerinos is already well known in the city for its "New York-style wood-fired pizzas and modern Italian street food with their secret classic family recipes passed down through generations".

It has two already established city centre locations: Civerinos’ at Hunter Square on The Royal Mile and Civerinos Slice at Forrest Road.

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The newest addition to add to their collection, the High Dive is "a family-friendly reasonably priced neighbourhood pizza bar which is ideal for laid back dining and drinking with friends".

It said: "Following the opening of the High Dive neighbourhood pizza bar it is another top favourite for pizza fans in Edinburgh and is the perfect spot for locals, visitors and tourists alike visiting the city."

Unite Scotland has pledged to fight for jobs following Alexander Dennis Limited’s (ADL) announcement of a restructuring programme which places 650 jobs potentially at risk across their UK facilities including sites at Falkirk and Larbert.

The restructuring plans announced by the parent company New Flyer Industries could result in significant job losses and it leaves workers at ADL facing an uncertain future, the union said.

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Unite regional officer, Willie Thomson, said: “This is devastating news for workers at Falkirk and Larbert, and for their families, as Alexander Dennis announces the potential for massive jobs losses across their UK sites.

"We believe these actions are premature and urge the company to continue to explore all options to protect jobs and livelihoods. We stand ready to work with them to achieve this.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the bus industry with the collapse of new orders from operators due to the crisis.”

He said: “There has been promises of support from both the Scottish and UK Governments. That support must come now. The Prime Minister promised 4,000 green buses in February. Workers in Falkirk and Larbert are ready to build them. We need Boris Johnson to deliver his promise.

“We also call on the Scottish Government to do more to support the world class manufacturing bases at Falkirk and Larbert.

"The Alexander Dennis workforce has a crucial role to play in a cleaner and greener future for both our economy and our communities.”

Working from home during the pandemic has led to a cut in carbon emissions at the body responsible for reducing Scotland's environmental impact.

Zero Waste Scotland said more than two-thirds of its own emissions were produced by staff travelling to work.

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It is now encouraging staff to work from home on a permanent basis, even once offices reopen following the coronavirus lockdown.

Chief executive Iain Gulland told staff the organisation should capitalise on the environmental gains made during the pandemic.

He told workers: "We take our own performance very seriously and our net-zero plan launched earlier this year sets out our commitment to go faster and harder at reducing our footprint.

"Clearly the onus is on Zero Waste Scotland to show leadership by embracing the best of the environmental benefits which have become apparent. This will be truly authentic - one of the four values we hold dear.

"I am making an offer to colleagues who wish to make working from home a permanent fixture - you can do this - in fact, I urge you to do this if you can. This is, I believe, aligned to our environmental ambitions and further demonstrates our leadership and pioneering spirit which will show others the path to follow."

The body said initial feedback from its 165 staff had shown overwhelming support for the plan.

Workers will be offered help with furniture and expenses, as well as advice on insurance and changes in their tax liabilities.

The organisation said it accepts the change might not be feasible for some staff and alternative work places will continue to be made available.

Mr Gulland also pledged to maintain some face-to-face interactions across the organisation.

A number of other companies have also said they will encourage continued home-working, including Fujitsu, Twitter and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Amigo Loans has extended a waiver with its bank which will allow it to amend the terms of a £300 million securitisation.

The waiver was first announced in May when Amigo said it had suspended some of the requirements on the facility as it tried to understand the impact Covid-19 would have on the business.

The lender has been facing difficulties with customer complaints and has agreed with the regulator to fix its complaints backlog by October.

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