HARRISON & Hetherington sold 69 clean cattle, 42 cast cows, 2,523 prime lambs and 858 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Twenty-one prime bullocks sold to a top of 237p/kg to average 223p (+3p), while 47 prime heifers peaked at 244p to average 227p (+3p).

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1,528 and 189p to average 145p (-11p).

Prime lambs peaked at £115 and 262p/kg for Beltex lambs to average 214p (-16p).

In the cast ring numbers were up and the average for all cast sheep was slightly down at £57. Heavy ewes sold to £115 for Suffolks and averaged £85, while light ewes peaked at £75 for Cheviots and averaged £51.

The firm also sold 19 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 234p/kg and levelled at 221p (+16p), while 20 prime, beef bred bullocks sold to 229p and levelled at 209p (-3p).

Thirty-five beef-bred young bulls sold to 219p and averaged 184p (-3p), while 30 dairy-bred bulls peaked at 178p and levelled at 157p (-15p).

In the rough ring 160 cast dairy cows sold to 177p to average 117p (n/c), while 72 cast beef cows peaked at 243p to average 158p (+13p). Five cast bulls made up to 158p and averaged 133p (+5p).

There were also 1,969 prime lambs that sold to £128 and 305p/kg to average 221p (-14p).

In the cast sheep ring 178 heavy ewes sold to £95 for a Texel and averaged £69 (-£16), while 98 light ewes peaked at £46 for a Swaledale and levelled at £35.

Lawrie and Symington sold 29 prime cattle and 64 cull cows at Lanark yesterday.

Prime heifers sold to £1,501 or 247p/kg, while prime bullocks peaked at £1,505 or 238p.

In the rough ring cast beef cows sold to 174p or £1475 for a Limousin to average 149p, while cast dairy cows peaked at 134p or £1000 for a Holstein to average 118p.

There were also 2,893 prime lambs and 1175 cast ewes at Lanark yesterday. The sale was topped at £120 per head for Texels and at 266p/kg for Beltex. Overall average was 218p/kg (-13p). The sale of cast ewes peaked at £150 for Texels and at £78 for Blackfaces.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2519 prime lambs and 644 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

Top prices for prime lambs were £110 for a Texel and 237p/kg for a pair of Suffolks. The whole sale averaged 212p/kg (-15p on the week) (+36p on the year).

Cast sheep which were strong and fat were slightly less this week but export types held up well. Top price of £118 was achieved for both Beltex and Texel cross ewes, while Blackfaces peaked at £65.