ROBERTSON Fencing has relaunched as Taiga Upland and hailed bringing investment to Highland Perthshire through the opening of a new £300,000 base, coupled with a significant expansion of its services portfolio.

The Pitlochry company was established in 2007 and originally known for providing modern fencing techniques and installation but has since also built up a forestry ground preparation enterprise.

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Taiga Upland will be using the experience and expertise developed over the last decade of working in forestry establishment across Scotland to offer woodland creation services, which will offer a combination for upland agri-forestry projects including forestry ground preparation, fencing and forestry infrastructure and groundworks.

Currently employing 25 staff members, but looking to expand, the company took inspiration from its natural surroundings for its new name.

“Taiga” is a northern forest biome, or major life zone, also known as boreal forest.

Rab Robertson, managing director of Taiga Upland, said: “We are now offering customers a much extended range of services to suit their requirements and with the opening of our new base in Pitlochry, we’ve made some real investment into the local economy and are fully expecting to take on new staff as we grow.”