A SCOTTISH company has launched a device to help pubs better control the spread of Covid-19.

The unit, which includes an infrared temperature camera and motion sensor, is designed to enable hospitality and other public-facing businesses to monitor customers for coronavirus symptoms in a bid to minimise the risk of further spreading the pandemic.

Scottish-headquartered ClearWater Hygiene has launched the new Smart stand and it has signed up a number of Aberdeen-based licenced premises looking to implement enhanced safety standards in preparation for re-opening their doors once the existing lockdown in the city is lifted.

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The Smart stand is designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Edinburgh-based firm is now producing over 900,000 litres of its product each week since starting trading four months ago and is now on course to generate more than £30 million in revenue after securing a raft of significant corporate contracts across the UK.

The company’s supply chain is also entirely UK-based with its product made at a number of Scottish distilleries including, Deeside Gin Distillery in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, and bottled in Preston, Lancashire.

Andrew Montague, ClearWater Hygiene chief executive, said: “The Smart stand launch has been expedited to help pubs play a greater part in minimising the spread of Covid-19 and prevent further lockdowns as we’ve seen in Aberdeen.

“As well as dispensing hand sanitiser, the product enables a customer’s temperature to be monitored before they enter a pub or any other public business, a proactive step in reducing others from being exposed to the virus.”