By Karen Peattie

CONSERVATION specialist Kaitiaki Consulting has launched a drive for investors to help in the fight against climate change.

The Scotland and New Zealand-based firm is releasing 20 per cent of its share capital as it ramps up its drive for large-scale land redevelopment and rewilding in Scotland.

Kaitiaki Consulting has brought in a team of specialists in ecological restoration, forestry, ornithology, botany, soil science and a raft of other key sciences as part of its plans to be at the forefront of a “green recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm’s £100,000 share release will see 200 shares released at £500 per share, and is “seeking a number of large investors”.

Kaitiaki Consulting, which is behind the Billion Trees Scotland reforestation campaign launched earlier this year, matches environmental need – such as carbon reduction and offsetting – with funding partners. It then finds and develops habitats to plant trees and enhance biodiversity as part of a sustainable cycle.

In addition to the Scottish Government’s pledge to plant 36 million trees every year by 2030, the growth of new green industries and jobs will help transform rural communities. The drive to implement these changes is creating unparalleled opportunities for investors.

Alex Foulkes, managing director of Kaitiaki Consulting, said: “This is a chance for investors to make a difference and join us in the fight to address the climate crisis and save the country’s incredible biodiversity.

“We will work with businesses, landowners, local authorities and other groups like ours to find a way to embrace the green new deal needed for the post-Covid recovery, so we can all play an essential part in reducing carbon emissions.”

Mr Foukes, a wildlife biologist and conservationist who founded Kaitiaki Consulting last year, added: “Organisations such as councils, businesses and others are committed to reaching net zero, and we provide the strategy, expertise and on the ground management to make this happen.

“For landowners we offer a long-term stream of income generation and an opportunity to play a significant part in supporting the Scottish Government’s net zero commitment over several decades.”