Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1219 prime lambs and 422 cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday.

Prime lambs were still easy to sell if they were well fleshed but leaner types were hard to cash. This resulted in the average price slipping down to 195p/kg (-9p) overall. Top prices on the day were £105 and 215p/kg for Texels.

Cast sheep also made less money this week. Heavy ewes were topped at £120 for Texels, while Mule ewes peaked at £89 and Blackface ewes made up to £58.

C&D Auction Marts sold 63 cattle at its weekly sale in Dumfries yesterday. Prime cattle met a sharper demand this week selling to 240p/kg for a Limousin cross heifer. Beef type OTMs peaked at £1,181 and 150p to average 128p, while dairy types sold to £1,096 and 160p to average 114p.

In line with many other centres across the UK this week the trade for prime lambs slipped back. The number of prime lambs at the sale, compared with last week, also slipped back to 1,085.

Top prices on the day were £108 for heavy Texels and 226p/kg for lightweight lambs. The great majority of the lambs at the sale (760) weighed between 39kg and 45kg and averaged 194p/kg.

Trade for cast sheep in all classes was still firm. Heavy ewes peaked at £140 for Texels, while Cheviot Mules sold to £106 and Cheviots to £75.

The firm also held its Special August Sale of 254 store cattle at Longtown on Tuesday which were predominantly yearlings.

The sale was topped at £1,280 by a British Blue heifer which is destined to go on for further breeding. Bullocks sold to £1,265 for a Limousin in a run of eight cattle from one consigner that averaged £1150.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 156 prime and cast cattle at its sale at Ayr on Tuesday. Fourteen prime heifers sold to a top of £1,437 or 250p/kg for a Charolais to average £1235 or 224p (-5p), while seven prime bullocks sold to £1,474 for a Limousin or 249p for another Limousin to average £1341 or 217p. Three young bulls averaged £1214 or 200p.

In the rough ring cast beef cows sold to £1,390 for a Limousin and 179p for another Limousin to average 139p, while 48 cast dairy cows peaked at £930 and 132p for Friesians to level at 108p. Eight cast bulls sold to £1,480 for a Saler or 164p for another Saler to average 125p. Seven clean cattle peaked at £980 for a Friesian heifer and 184p for an Aberdeen Angus bullock to average 145p.

There were also 12 dairy cattle that sold to £1,820 for a Holstein Friesian heifer and to £1,750 for a second calver.