THE space chief at WL Gore & Associates in Dundee has hailed the “proud moment” its products began a historic journey to Mars.

Wire and cable manufactured by the firm at its Space Centre of Excellence in Dundee and also at its Delaware plant in the US have been used by NASA on Perseverance Rover.

The cables assist with communications around the critical landing operation and are also used within the pioneering Perseverance Rover itself, which is now cruising in space and expected to land on February 18, 2021.

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The mission aims to address high-priority scientific goals for exploration to help answer the questions of potential life on Mars.

Jeff Fyfe, Gore’s space global business leader, said: “This is a really proud moment for associates in Dundee. Gore’s continuous innovation has earned our space division a global reputation and it is an exciting time for associates to be part of history in the making.”

Gore’s wire and cable products are critical components to the success of data processing and communications between the Perseverance Rover and the descent stage of the mission.

Its cables have also been used on the Apollo 11, the International Space Station, Envisat, Space Shuttle Program, Sentinel, Hubble Space Telescope and 2012 Curiosity Mission.