Hendrick’s Gin has released a rare and unusual glimpse behind the doors of its Gin Palace in Ayrshire.

The Gin Palace in Girvan is closed to visitors due to coronavirus, but aficionados can enjoy a digital tour which “keeps its surreal brand world at the fore, whilst showing off it’s very real home and explaining how the gin is made”.

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Hendrick’s claims to have “sparked a global ginnaissance” when it first combined rose and cucumber in its gin in 1999. It is now sold and consumed in 90 different countries and over 200 million Hendrick’s Gin & Tonics are consumed globally each year.


Since it opened in October 2018, Lesley Gracie, master distiller of Hendrick’s, has welcomed over 1,700 international guests from the realms of bartending, media, and culture, sharing the secrets of the creation of the William Grant & Son brand.

While Ms Gracie continues to experiment in her lab at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, she is temporarily unable to welcome the invitated guests, so Hendrick’s created a cinematic tour of the distillery, which marries the real and surreal brand worlds of Hendrick’s “whilst being simultaneously educating and entertaining”.


Muiris Ó Riada, Hendrick’s Gin associate global brand director at William Grant & Sons, said: “The foundation for the success of the Hendrick’s brand is of course our liquid, oddly infused with rose and cucumber.

“A part of our extraordinary growth has been our ability to recruit new consumers into the brand through our clear and distinctive brand world, which has captured people’s imagination the world over, and our secret weapon is undoubtedly our unrivalled Hendrick’s Gin Palace, the playground of our master distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie. 


“The Hendrick’s Gin Palace film brings these three elements together magnificently and is a masterclass in how to deliver liquid education in an inherently on-brand way - showcasing what makes us truly unique - and will be used as a key tool as part of our brand education efforts in 98 global markets.”