By Brian Donnelly

THERE has been a 40 per cent rise in homeowners in Scotland seeking debt support as the pandemic continues to cast a destructive financial toll on households across the country, according to a new research.

Other key findings in a YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Carrington Dean and its sister UK company, Creditfix, included that more people, 32%, were worried about the effect of Covid on their income than losing a loved one, 30%, while more than 20% were concerned about losing their job and not being able to find work.

Carrington Dean, one of the country’s largest personal insolvency practices, said the private and public sectors should link up to work towards helping the millions of people facing serious debt issues.

In Scotland, 18% said credit card re-payments and 18% said debt collectors would add to their pressures. The survey examined how people were tackling debt during this April and September.