HARRISON & Hetherington sold 77 clean cattle, 125 cast cows, 1,550 prime lambs and 661 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Twenty-three prime bullocks sold to a top of 240p/kg to average 212p (-19p), while 54 prime heifers peaked at 249p to average 221p (-4p).

In the rough ring a large show of cast cows sold to £1,468 and 216p to average 128p (-5p).

Prime lambs peaked at £123 and 300p/kg for Beltex to average 203p overall (+7p).

Heavy cast ewes sold to a top of £123 for Texels and averaged £91 (n/c), while light ewes peaked at £81 for Cheviots and averaged £53 (+£1).

The firm also sold 16 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 240p/kg and levelled at 209p (-8p), while 22 beef-bred bullocks sold to 236p and levelled at 203p (-12p).

Fifty-eight beef-bred young bulls sold to 225p and averaged 182p (-6p), while 28 dairy-bred young bulls peaked at 179p and levelled at 149p (-12p).

In the rough ring 172 cast dairy cows sold to 163p to average 99p (+2p), while 159 cast beef cows peaked at 214p to average 128p (-10p). Nine cast bulls sold to 168p and levelled at 121p (+8p).

A smaller show of 1,999 prime lambs this week sold to £123 and 303p/kg to average 202p/kg (+5p).

In the cast sheep section 155 heavy ewes peaked at £98 for a Suffolk and averaged £72 (+£6), while 127 hill ewes were topped at £50 for a Swaledale and averaged £37 (+£1).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,793 prime lambs and 604 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday. The show of lambs was on the heavy side again this week and heavy lambs are still the hardest to sell. However, the overall average price managed to hold on at 191p/kg (n/c).

Top prices at the sale were achieved for a single Beltex lamb at £103 and for a pen of three Beltex at 243p/kg.

Cast sheep were a similar trade to last week. Top price of £137 was paid for Texel ewes, while Texel crosses sold to £111 and Blackfaces to £61.

C&D Auction Marts held its Annual Hillbred Suckler Calf sale, alongside store cattle of all classes, at Longtown on Saturday 24th October. All cattle sold to a fast trade with averages up £165 on the year. An outstanding run of mainly Charolais bred calves consigned by regular vendors M/s D Story, Greenburn, Canonbie stole the show when they peaked at £1,030 on two separate occasions firstly for a pen of five Charolais bulls and again for a pen of Seven. Limousin calves sold to £950 for a steer and same firm sold the top priced Limousin heifer at £940.