A SCOTTISH pharmacy claims its PillPocket innovation, which it says will use artificial intelligence, robotics and pharmaceutical experts, will change the way prescribed medicines are handled in the UK.

Glasgow-based Simple Online Pharmacy said PillPocket is a medication aid which organises prescribed medication in lightweight pouches for each time of day.

These are ordered chronologically and delivered to patients free of charge.

It is claimed it is the first time a this has been provided across the whole of Scotland and it is hoped it will “help ensure that patients never miss a pill again”.

The company claims this could save NHS hundreds of millions of pounds in reduced hospital admissions and improved patient outcome. It says a patient pulls out the next pouch from the compact box, with all of their medication for that time of day inside the PillPocket and ready to take.

The service is free for anyone with four or more NHS prescriptions and is now up and running. Patients request their repeat medication via the Simple NHS Prescriptions app and receive free delivery anywhere across Scotland and England.

Addy Mohammed, director of Simple Online Pharmacy, said: “Aside from the clear benefits for people who need to take medication, this service has the potential to save the NHS £800m a year, by helping keep patients out of hospital beds through reducing medication errors.” He also said: “We work directly with a patient’s GP, so once someone is registered, we do the rest. “